Monday, October 16, 2017

Enter if U Dare Blog Hop

Do you Dare???
The ghouldies and ghosties are just waiting for this hop to start.
Making their list and checking it twice...
(oops wrong holiday)
They are putting the finishing touches on their "scares" just for you!
You won't want to miss this fun time, that's for sure.
Who best to announce this hop but Dracula.
I just  got back from the "International Balloon Fiesta" in Albuquerque.
It's hard to believe, but this was my 40th year attending.
This guy was one of the new balloons, to light up the skies.
The top photo was taken at the "Glow" and the others were inflight.
He is just so stinkin' cute, isn't he?

Here's the schedule

 Tuesday Oct 24

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kittens Halloween Party

Have you seen the monthly mini quilt over at 
"SewCanShe" blog?

If your not familiar, they offer a "free" little quilt pattern each month.
This month "Stitches of Love" designed it.
Isn't it just, the cutest?
Check it out right...
Halloween Goodness...what's not to love!
Thanks Caroline and "Stitches of Love", for this sweet lil Halloween "mini".

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Creative Borders and Binding with Island Batik

October brings us, my favorite time of the year...
I just couldn't possibly not do some kind of Halloween project, for this challenge.
This speaks of me lately...
running around with my head cut off.
Recently I've became acquainted with "Quilt Fusion",
who have such fun patterns from none other than
"Uncle Gravy".
Seriously, you've got to love a name like that!
They have the most incredible applique patterns...
check it out 
You can sign up for their emails and get a free pattern every Friday.
What's to loose?'s a border challenge.
Your wondering about the borders aren't you?
I added a "faux" filmstrip border.
It seemed like the perfect way to show things off.
Icing on the cake, don't you agree?

These fabrics from "Island Batik" are labeled "bonus" fabrics.
Just a little something they added to our boxes.
I do get to play for the greatest company!
Batiks really make that "attention to detail" stand out.
I love the incredible way, they all play so well together.

As for a creative binding...
it's a plain black binding for me.
The filmstrip border is the star of this show.
Hope you've enjoyed my little "challenge" this month.
Tell me how you might use a filmstrip border yourself.
Who knows, there just might be something in it for you!
winky winky

Leave me a comment and we will just see!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Marriage Survival

We are in full wedding mode around here, and I found the cutest little 
bridal shower idea on 

If you've been married at all, you know that a survival kit,
 just might be considered a necessity!
This one came from Creative "Try"als.
(Love the name)
It's not only a hoot, but comes with some very sound marriage advice.
She provides a free PDF file so you can print out everything you need.
Check it out 
There are loads of other great gift ideas too!
I  just love this blog.
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sun Sand and Sea BOM

There may be a chill in the air...
but we aren't done with the beach just yet.
In fact this month, I pulled out my 
Itty bitty...teeny weeny, yellow polka dot,not so bikini. 
You know I'm old here, and way past the age of some crazy bikini.
Grab your flip flops, and sunscreen and hop on over to see Amy at 
"Sew Incredibly Crazy" 
for your very own,  not so bikini block this month.
I am just loving how it's coming along...
A big thanks to Island Batik for sponsoring me.
Only a few more blocks to go and this one will be a wrap.
Make sure you don't miss out. The blocks are free until the end of each month,
then there is a nominal fee for them.
It's never too late to join in on the fun!

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Update from Camp Crazy...

It started as one of those dreary fall days here...
I look out the back and what do I see?
Way up high in the tree...
This hungry hawk, stalking my fish pond!
The fog is starting to lift, and he's still here.
So I'm not feeding my fish til he's gone, or they will become dinner themselves!
Call me a little crazy, but it's the mama bear in me that's keeping me watching him like...
 a "hawk"
He best not be messin' with my fish!

The mailman brought happy mail. Nothing beats surprise packages!
My friend Sharon from New York sent me this darling moose basket!
I think the word has gotten out, that we are a little "moose nutty" around here.
Thank you Sharon, your the best! 

Speaking of mail...
I did hear from my Island Batik blog hop winner yesterday.
Kathy, your package is heading to the PO today!
Thanks to all who visited and left such sweet comments.
Lastly, I did my happy dance yesterday,
 when I finished up the last of the wedding sewing. 
It makes my head spin to think of all the thread I've used.
These jumbo cones have 12,000 yards on them. 
I came pretty darn close, to using up the entire thing.
I know my sewing machine is thrilled to be done with this project.
This little Bernina is a great machine though...
took a lickin' and kept on tickin'

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Friday, September 29, 2017

Island Batik Back to School Blog Hop Winner

Another great blog hop goes down in the "books".
Rafflecopter,  has chosen Kathy E. as the winner of  these "Olivera" Fat Quarters.
Congratulations Kathy. I've send an email to you, for your mailing info
 and will get these on their way.

I do hope you all, have enjoyed this hop as much as I have.
My fellow Island Batik ambassadors are "sew" darn creative.
The new fabrics and projects we have seen are so inspiring!
What are you thinking about for your next project?
It's a test!!!!!
You know when you go back to school, there are always tests!
All of us here in the "MooseStash," send our thanks to the wonderful folks at Island Batik,
and to all of you, who visit us here.
Without you...there would be no us!

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Back to School Blog Hop with Island Batik

Back to school time...
and the Island Batik ambassadors are cracking open the books!

Homework assignment...
I need to find the perfect project to show off just how fabulous, Kathy Engle's 
 "Olivera" line of "Island Batik" fabrics really is!
You can see more of this incredible line right
After searching thru my shelves of books...
the perfect project, for these gorgeous fabrics was in here.

I put myself "back to school"a few years ago.
Every quilter finds that a class from time to time, 
really opens up their creative juices
of course as we all know, we never "stop" learning.
It's a time when we are "called" on our bad habits and taught new and fun techniques.
The class I took, was from the "Nickel Quilt" lady Pat Speth. 
WOW, does she know just how to teach and provide for a fun filled day.
(You'll find more on her at the end of this post)
I can't wait to share my "Back to School" project.
"Morning Star"
Skill level...easy
 (That's what we all, want to hear)
This quilt really shows off the depth and incredible array of color
in this line, don't you think?
(with the help of "ye old car pond" of course)
When you make stars, you have lots of half square triangles you trim off.
There was quite the pile, of these left over, but they are just too small to piece. 
I couldn't help but keep them, as it's my
"no scrap of batik left behind" motto.
The next challenge...what to do, what to do???

I found my perfectly matched "Aurifil" thread, and went to work,
 stitching down these little guys.
A skewer really helps keep those tips in place under the feed dogs
I know you've got to be thinking...
what the heck???
I'm not the kind of quilter who sits down and plans a project on paper.
No, that would be way to easy. I  just start cutting fabrics and sewing willy nilly.
There was a vision, but no "concrete" plan in my head.
I know it's silly, but what better than this frilly little pillow!
When it was all over,  there were still triangles left.
I went back to my old favorite, making scrap fabric.
I'd like to think it's my way of "saving the planet". The ultimate recycling...
but it's just plum crazy, I know!
If  your up for a little of that "crazy" yourself, check out  
"Dog Ear Fabric" under my tutorials link on the right hand side of my blog.
It's amazing what you can throw in, to make your own "unique" piece of fabric!

With the help of my Accuquilt GO "Sun Bonnet Sue" die,
I've got a little wall hanging to go along with everything.

Even if I feel like being outside, it's perfect for my glider by the pond!
 I can sit and keep an eye on those fish of mine.
Yes, apparently someone needs to...
I see there has been some hanky panky going on again this year.
I've got more baby fish.
A "School" I believe that is!
I promised a little more info on Pat, the Nickel Quilt Lady...
Pat has designed loads of fun quilts and written numerous books 
on just how to use those fabulous 5" squares.
(Stamps, as Island Batik calls em)
There's nothing better, than a class though, where she shares the best tips 
and short cuts. She's a stickler for a perfect 1/4" seam and teaches just how to achieve that, too!
You can read up more on her 
...and if you ever get the opportunity to attend one of her classes, I highly recommend it!
She'll get you on the road to busting thru your scraps.
It's giveaway time...
Island Batik is giving one lucky winner a fat quarter pack of "Anchors Away".

The moose, here in the stash "seam" to think we should have a give away too.
So one of you will win
4 fat quarters of these beautiful "Olivera" fabrics.
We will pick a winner here, on Friday Sept 29th. The last day of this hop!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
One final note:
There was a very unexpected bonus here...
This quilt, matches my living room wall hanging,
 done with some of my hand dyes perfectly.
It's been hanging up there for years!
How did those folks at Island Batik know that??
Could there be spies among us?????
All I can say, is spy away...cause I'm one happy girl!
Thanks Island Batik.